Cheang Ah Chan


While waiting for her grandchildren to get ready, Madam Cheang quietly eats a cucumber. When they are dressed in their school uniforms, she asks them to join her for a photo and smiles happily when they do so enthusiastically. Their company and affection is something she appreciates deeply.

Madam Cheang has been living with cancer for more than a decade now. The illness hasn’t taken too much away from her though – she is still both beautiful and vibrant. Her complexion is luminous and surprisingly wrinkle-free for a 70-year old. When complimented on her beauty, she laughs and replies, “Maybe it’s from all the organic food I’ve been eating,” referring to her recommended diet.

As part of her treatment, she receives home visits by palliative care nurses and a physiotherapist, and attends weekly Daycare sessions at Hospis Malaysia. Madam Cheang’s positivity made her quite a hit among the other patients – she has made many close friends at these sessions. Of course, there have been sad times, like losing a fellow patient and friend. However, the loss has taught Madam Cheang to appreciate even more every moment she has with her family.

Today, Madam Cheang enjoys spending her days with her daughters and grandchildren who love and care for her.

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