Roy Low, caregiver to his late father Low Yu Man

More than a year after Mr Low's passing, Roy Low still remembers his father with fondness. He recollects how their family rallied together to care for Mr Low right after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, who was a happy man right until the end.

Mr Low Yu Man was 86 when an x-ray and a CT scan revealed the mass in his lung. The family declined further investigation into the illness due to his age, and Mr Low was referred to Hospis Malaysia for symptom management. “We knew Dad was in a lot of pain. Despite that, he put up a brave front. It was important to us that he was kept comfortable,” says Roy. He reminisces about his father with a smile, “When he knew the photographer was coming around to take his photo, he asked for his favourite jacket, which I had bought for him during my time in China.”

Mr Low passed away peacefully in August 2012.