Hoh Jie Ying, caregiver to father, Hoh Seng Kwong

She is a young single mother to a bubbly toddler and main caregiver to her father, who is living with a life-limiting illness. It is Jie Ying's sole responsibility to take care of the two most important people in her life, who need her for support at this point. All within arms' reach are boxes of medicine, a feeding bottle for the baby and fruit to eat.

The small house is stocked with food and medication – but instead of looking like clutter, the supplies are a testimony of how families can come together, let go of their differences and focus on the most important person in need of care: the patient.

Her father, Hoh Seng Kwong, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2012; a year later, the cancer had spread to his liver, bones, brain and lungs. Seng Kwong has been receiving palliative care for the past two years. “Our main management plan is to provide support for Jie Ying to enable her to provide care for her father and to manage Seng Kwong's pain and symptoms to optimise his quality of life,” says Rachel, his palliative care nurse.

It is obvious that family is the most important thing in this household, reinforced by Jie Ying's bustling about as she bounces between caring for her father and watching over her baby.