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Health Today Magazine - Advance Care Planning

If a serious illness or accident strikes you and you are unable to decide your treatment choices, who will speak on your behalf? Read More

Health Today Magazine - Hospice Not the End of Hope

HealthToday discusses palliative care and the role of Hospis Malaysia with CEO/Medical Director Dr Ednin Hamzah. Read More

The Star - Where there’s life, there should always be hope (Part 2 of 2)

A palliative care consultant’s personal experience with a parent who wanted to die. Read More

The Star - When a patient says, ‘I want to die’ (Part 1 of 2)

The instinct to survive is hardwired into all of us. But with intelligence comes the ability to overcome instinct. Read More

E Hospice - Palliative Care… Where are we now?

At the recently held 11th Malaysian Hospice Congress in Seremban from 20-22 June 2014, academicians, clinicians, policy makers and other allied healthcare... Read More

The Malay Mail - Health Ministry To Upgrade Palliative Care Services

KUALA LUMPUR - The Health Ministry hopes to improve palliative care services in the country as facilities and expertise remain insufficient. Read More

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