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The Malay Mail - Choosing Happiness

KUALA LUMPUR- Every day, someone somewhere is receiving a diagnosis telling them that the illness they’re suffering from is inoperable or irreversible. Along with coping with the shock of the news, a patient is suddenly faced with the task of making difficult discussions in the time one has left ... Read More

New Straits Times - Kate goes fact-finding on hospice care in New Zealand

HAMILTON, New Zealand (AFP) - The Duchess of Cambridge carried out her first solo engagement on Saturday on her New Zealand tour for a fact-finding visit to a children's hospice where she told the curious youngsters that even royals have to eat all their vegetables ... Read More

The Malay Mail - What if someone you love is dying?

KUALA LUMPUR - What if the person you were closest to - a parent, spouse, best friend, or a child - was dying? A patient may witness upsetting and unfamiliar changes with the disease, such as physical changes that may also affect overall emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Some illnesses can be ... Read More

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