• Sheila Majid

      Sheila Majid believes that individual choice is essential for those facing life-limiting illnesses.

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    • Elaine Daly

      Elaine Daly believes that governments should invest more in palliative care.

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    • Hans Isaac

      Hans Isaac believes that
      the more people know about palliative care, the more people will benefit from it.

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    • Melinda Looi

      Melinda Looi believes that it’s important for patients with life-limiting illnesses to talk about their treatment options.

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    • Sharifah Amani

      Sharifah Amani believes that increased access to palliative care can reduce the number of requests for euthanasia. 

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    • Bront Palarae

      Bront Palarae believes that palliative care workers are better equipped to prepare friends and family of a loved one living with a life-limiting illness.

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    • Ho Yuhang

      Ho Yuhang reminds us that patients receive holistic treatment when they opt for palliative care.

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    • Yeo Yann Yann

      Yeo Yann Yann believes that palliative care can help those living with a life-limiting illness manage every aspect of their life.

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    • Daphne Iking

      Daphne Iking believes that Malaysians need to be more informed about living with, or dealing with someone who has a life-limiting illness.

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    • Yasmin Yusuff

      Yasmin Yusuff believes that people should have better access to palliative care.

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    • Tiara Jacquelina

      Tiara Jacquelina believes that palliative care increases the quality of life for patients and their families.

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    • Dr Jemilah Mahmood

      Dr Jemilah believes that palliative care is something that needs to be taken more seriously, especially among medical professionals.

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    • Fatimah Abu Bakar

      Fatimah Abu Bakar hopes to change people’s perception of death and dying.

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    • Sharifah Aleya

      Sharifah Aleya believes that palliative care is a necessity.

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    • Yasmin Hani

      Yasmin Hani knows that palliative care is a holistic form of care that looks after both the patient and his/her loved ones.

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    • Sharifah Aleysha

      Sharifah Aleysha believes that palliative care offers the right kind of support needed by patients facing life-limiting illnesses.

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